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First-time users

There is a stage upon which you can make full use of your skills and experience.

Human resources dispatch structure

The employment structure for CTC's dispatched engineers differs from directly employed staff members like full-time employees and part-time staff in that it involves a contract between the client, you the dispatched engineer, and CTC.


During the work period, an employment contract will be concluded between you and CTC. We will pay your salary and specify work conditions, and you can feel secure with our administration of social insurance and benefits like health examinations.

From registration to the first day of work

We will do our best to introduce you to jobs that are suited to your experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Step 1 Registration
You can register through our website. Fill in the required information and one of our representatives will contact you

Online registration
Step 2 Send your resume and work history by mail or e-mail
Send your resume and work history by mail or e-mail.
Step 3 Interview
If you are in Japan, an interview will be conducted at CTC (about 60 minutes). We will pay for transportation.
  1. We will explain the work offered through CTC
    You will be able to freely ask questions regarding working as a dispatched engineer for CTC.
  2. Evaluation
    We will ask you about your work experience. Based on this information we will introduce work that is appropriate for you.
Step 4 Selecting a client
Based on the interview, we will introduce you to a project that corresponds to your requests, conditions and suitability.

If your requests are not met, we will determine why and use this as a reference when introducing you to the next project.

Once a client decides to employ you, an employment contract will be concluded with CTC before you start the job.
Step 5 Start Work
Make the most out of your work experience and enjoy!

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CTC jobs

Project details

You will be responsible for design and construction management at large-scale plants and factories in Japan, Near and Middle East, or Southeast Asia. Clients are leading international construction and engineering companies.

Large number of overseas projects

Work revolves around design, construction management, and technical support services for various construction projects in Japan, Southeast Asia, Near and Middle East, and Europe.

Fully demonstrate your experience

Work mainly involves instructing international teams in design and construction work, and managing operations as a leader.

Experience speaks! Engineers are mainly in their 40's and 50's.

Skills and experience that generate results is a social asset that should be passed on to the next generation. CTC works hard to pass on these assets globally. We have a large number of engineers in their 40's and 50's working at overseas projects.

See project photos which previous CTC engineers have been involved in


Qualification Requirements
Education High school graduate or higher
Age Approx. Between 25 and 65 years old
Condition Over 5 years of experience in construction-related work.
  • Construction management experience
  • Linguistic abilities
*Individuals who have various relevant qualifications will receive priority treatment.
Work Conditions

The following working conditions will vary depending on the project

Work Location *Various international locations (Southeast Asia, Near and Middle East, Asia, Europe, etc.)
*Various regions in Japan (Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, etc.)
Work Hours 9:00am - 6:00pm (8 working hours)
Remuneration 350,000 – 1 million yen per month
Holidays More than 4 days off in a 4 week periodincluding national holidays.
Benefits Transportation, overtime pay, dormitory, daily allowance

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Support system

Dependable support system ensures that you are free from anxiety while you work

CTC, provides support in various ways to ensure that you are working in a comfortable environment.

Particularly in the case of many overseas assignments, it is required that you will be posted without your families due to circumstances on-site.

In order to ease your anxiety, CTC provides care for your family as well as on-site support while you are posted.

CTC staff will occasionally travel to a site and consider ways to smoothly provide support.

Some other examples of active support are as follows:

  • Updating the work location and contact information of each engineer
  • Support the strengthening of the engineers' English skills
  • Maintaining the health of engineers by dispatching medical supplies
  • 24 hour contact system and telephone forwarding system for engineers
  • Shipment of luxury items for summer and winter
  • On-site system in case of emergencies

We at CTC believe that it is our job to create an environment in which each and every engineer can work with a sense of reassurance.

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