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How the CTC human resources dispatch process works

The employment structure for dispatched engineers differs from directly employed staff members – such as full-time employees and part-time staff – in that it involves the contract between three parties: you, the client, dispatched engineers, and CTC.


  1. After the conclusion of the contract, an engineer with the requested skills will be dispatched to you, the client.
  2. Management of the staff, such as salary payment, will be carried out through a contract between the engineer and CTC.
  3. We ask that clients manage the engineers directly.
Advantages of the CTC human resources dispatch service
1. Effective use of human resources
It is possible to utilize personnel with the required skills at the required time for the required period – for example when employees suddenly resign, you encounter a shortage in personnel due to certain circumstances, or you need to recruit personnel temporarily during peak periods.
2. Reduction of labor costs
  • Costs and effort required to recruit, hire, educate, and train employees can be eliminated.
  • Costs for bonuses, retirement allowance, social insurance, and various benefit fees can also be removed.
  • Troublesome office work, such as wage calculations are done away with.
3. Increased efficiency in business
Efficiency in business can be achieved through the selection of personnel who can contribute immediately to project plans or personnel who are highly skilled.
4. Thorough backup system
By entrusting routine tasks or contingent business to engineers, full-time employees can concentrate on core operations which will allow full-time employees to operate at their full potential.

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Characteristics of CTC engineers

CTC has knowledge about the human resources industry developed over the course of many years.

We employ a large number of engineers with extensive experience.
All the engineers registered at CTC have extensive experience, who supported Japan's high economic growth and played important roles in boosting the country to become a technological superpower.
We possess the knowledge and achievements cultivated since the establishment of CTC.
We have achieved great results in domestic and international projects since the foundation of CTC. We have earned the tremendous trust of various companies such as major engineering companies and construction contractors.
We have a meticulous backup system in place.
Currently we have over 100 engineers working mainly overseas. Information pertaining to the appointed destination, construction progress, and health condition of each individual engineer is closely monitored and well managed. Therefore, incase of an emergency, CTC can provide prompt support for engineers when needed.

List of Specializations
N.B. We have registered engineers with experience in fields other than those listed below.

Architect and Construction
    Design and construction management for
  • General building
  • Special building
  • Plant building
  • Factory
  • Air-conditioning and sanitation
  • Steel frame fabrication
Civil engineer
    Design and construction management for
  • Roads and bridges
  • Railways
  • Offshore
  • Port and harbor
Electrical engineer
    Design and construction management for
  • Electric power
  • Electricity and instrumentation
  • Power station and other plant
Mechanical engineer
    Design and construction management for
  • Chemical plant
  • Power station and other plant
  • Piping system
  • Equipment installation
  • Rotary machine
  • Procurement
  • Administration

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Process until the conclusion of the contract

CTC proposes the most appropriate human resources solutions according to the situation and needs of the client.

1. Confirmation of client needs
We will confirm the needs of the client: the skills, the details of the service to be undertaken, the time and period of dispatch, etc.
2. Personnel selection
Through a hearing, we will select a suitable engineer who matches the needs of the client from engineers who have a wide range of specialized knowledge and an abundance of professional experience.
3. Proposal of solution
We will submit to the client a resume which explains the selected engineer's skills and experience.
4. Interview
We will arrange an interview with the selected engineer upon request.
5. Contract
A contract will be concluded.

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