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In this age of rapid technological changes, CTC Co., Ltd. is focusing its energy on cultivating and developing human resources.

With our underlying principle based on the belief that human resources are the foundation that supports corporations and the economy, our mission is to contribute to society.

We hope to gain your understanding in our philosophy, and with everyone’s cooperation as our basis, we aim to develop CTC into one that makes great strides in the future.

No matter how much technology develops, it is through the strength of people that technology is propelled forward. When their work materializes into a form that can be perceived by all people, this manifests into "a signpost on the map."

So whether your corner of the map be a bustling city center or a tranquil rural community, the evidence of human endeavor will be apparent. We'll be right there to help you carve out your niche and provide jobs that put you on the world map.

President and Representative Director, Shinichi Maenaka
Shinichi Maenaka

Shinichi Maenaka
Shinichi Maenaka,
President and Representative Directory of CTC Co., Ltd.

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