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CTC Engineer Voices

Mitsuo Matsuura

There is work overseas that can only be successfully completed by experienced engineers

Operations Management Department Manager, Mitsuo Matsuura

He entered CTC in 2000 during a project connected to the joint Japanese and Korean World Cup Soccer Tournament. Taking advantage of his foreign language ability, he is currently overseas providing on-site support.

The large scale overseas infrastructure construction work was placed in our charge because of our expertise and experience

"CTC participated in the construction of Taiwan's high speed railway. This is a 1.6 trillion yen mega-scale project necessitating the collaboration of seven major Japanese firms. Aside from myself, there were 124 engineers from our company on-site participating in the project. All the members were veterans and were fully knowledgeable as to their role in the project – ranging from civil engineering and electricity, to signals and communication."

"CTC employs expert skills and knowledge, which is why we receive requests from such a large number of contractors. Particularly for overseas projects, we assume a leadership role in the projects and are responsible not only for the actual construction work, but also for providing precise instructions to the local staff. We are able to handle this thanks to our years of experience and accumulation of specific skills in a variety of fields. Experienced engineers with an average age range of 52-55 are using the skills they developed over 10-20 years or more and applying them on-site."

Experiences and skills developed over many years turn into the right reward.

"One big advantage to working in Taiwan compared to Japan is that your income is about 1.5 to 2 times higher. You have more than enough to live a rich life and, above all, it is gratifying as an engineer to be receiving payment that reflects your abilities. You will face one challenge or another when you first begin your post here but once you get used to things, life will feel very comfortable (laughs)"

"It is not only a matter of income. There is also a strong support system set up on-site for the engineers and their families. For example,CTC has a full-time support staff that is meticulous about ensuring that engineers keep in regular contact with families. CTCs does their utmost to build an environment in which the engineers can work with the least amount of stress and anxiety."

Educating the next generation’s engineers and passing on knowledge are also important tasks.

"The experience and expertise of Japanese engineers are highly praised around the world. All the projects in which CTC participates are highly visible internationally. After the end of a project such as the Taiwan Shinkansen PJ, it is important to train the local engineers so that the facility will continue to run smoothly. There is great social significance in transferring your skills to the next generation, which you have developed as an experienced engineer, and sharing them with the world."

"It is really difficult to achieve unity when working with people of different cultural backgrounds. However, after overcoming these difficulties and completing the project together, we can feel a sense of achievement beyond description. I believe that the secret to working successfully overseas is to proactively communicate with one another and, in some cases, to form friendships. By forming relationships based on mutual trust between one human being and another, work will progress smoothly and you will discover new enjoyments in life that you had never experienced before."

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